We Know the Slope…and Beyond

With decades of delivering services on the North Slope, Colville’s group of oil field supply companies are well suited to provide the quality services you need. Arctic logistics is what we do, and Alaska’s North Slope is where we live. Colville is both Alaska-based and a local North Slope owned and operated business. We are confident in our ability to safely, reliably, and efficiently meet your requirements.

Our Arctic logistics capabilities and record of achievement make for the perfect partnership when working on the North Slope.  Colville’s experienced team can tailor a logistics strategy to support a wide variety of operations.  Contact us today!

Bear 4Colville, Inc operates a vertically integrated supply system from three facilities in the Prudhoe Bay area. The 10-acre bulk storage facility contains the bulk storage tank farm, truck loading revetment, fuel card fill station, offices, and maintenance shop. The 3-acre Deadhorse airport Fixed Base Operation is located directly adjacent to the taxiway. 



The 5.5-acre Brooks Range Supply facility contains an industrial supply store, warm storage warehouse, and post office.  Colville has a Fairbanks tanker truck terminal, maintenance shop, and dispatch office, and an Anchorage administrative office.


LogoConnecting Prudhoe Bay with refineries in Fairbanks, Valdez, Anchorage, and the Port of Haines, Colville Transport provides a reliable fuel supply system across the Alaska.  Our fleet is the region’s largest tanker carrier with state of the art tractors and trailers.


When you work in the rugged climate of Alaska’s North Slope, having a comfortable, modern place to rest is a necessity. Environmentally and ecologically designed, Brooks Camp has single or double occupancy rooms to meet a variety of needs.