Flying to Prudhoe Bay?   

Colville Aviation is now an Avfuel branded dealer!  Stop in our facility for 24-hour fuel service, passenger lounge, and pilot briefing rooms.  The coffee is always on. Courtesy shuttle service is provided around the airport and we can arrange for vehicle rentals, hotels, meals, cargo handling, and other special needs.  Colville's Flight Operations center is located on the NE side of the Deadhorse Airport adjacent to Taxiway E, has 24-hour self-serve 100LL and Jet-A cardlock, and short term parking.  We also have 100LL and Jet-A ramp trucks for callout services for large aircraft.



Communications: CTAF 123.6 Postal Address: PO Box 340012 
  Colville 122.85   Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
Ramp Driver: 907.943.1813 Physical Address: Airport Way
  907.943.1814   Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
Long Distance: 907.659.6215 email: fbo@colvilleinc.com
Fax: 907.659.6218