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Colville operates a vertically integrated supply system from, including sourcing from the refinery, transportation to Prudhoe Bay, storage and inventory, in-field distribution, usage tracking and reporting, and the filing of motor fuel tax forms. Our supply system brings together the essential elements of transportation and storage equipment, which are managed through established procedures by a trained and competent staff.


Colville fuels operations that span the entire Alaskan North Slope oil field, from Point Thompson to the infamous Dalton Highway.  As a contractor to villages and regional corporations, Colville has supplied fuel across the entirety of Alaska’s Arctic.  For our clients who are subject to the 8-cent-per-gallon State of Alaska Motor Fuel Tax, Colville provides tax preparation and filing services as part of our service.  We store and sell:

Arctic Heating Fuel • #1 Diesel • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel • Unleaded Gas • Jet A • Jet B • 100LL


Colville services our clients’ North Slope and Dalton Highway fuel storage needs at our 3.9 million gallon, C-Plan permitted storage facility dedicated to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and other smaller tanks for automotive gasoline and aviation fuels. 


Colville’s North Slope Delivery fleet of tractors, tankers, and tank trucks are equipped with specialized Arctic modifications such as railings, gravel protection, lighting, duck ponds, heavy duty rear ends and off-loading pumps. Our fleet is also equipped with in-cab camera systems.  Fuel tankers operate from our Deadhorse facility.

Tank Rental


Whether you need to position fuel or store chemicals for your North Slope projects, Colville has the tanks to meet your needs.  Smart tanks, mobile tanks, and customized solutions are available to keep your project on track. Contact us today for more information. 

Tesoro Service Station

Colville also operates the Tesoro retail gas station in Prudhoe Bay, the northern most gas station on Alaska's highway system.  The Tesoro retail station serves fleet, public, and industrial accounts.   This station has a chip-key system for frequent users and accepts major credit cards.

Office: 907.659.3198  |  Fax: 907.659-3190 |  PO Box 340012 | Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734  |  info@colvilleinc.com