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Colville has decades of experience on the North Slope in the fuel logistics business.  Fuel is what we do, and Alaska’s North Slope is where we live.  Colville is both an Alaskan, and a local North Slope owned and operated business.  We are confident in our ability to safely, reliably, and efficiently meet your requirements.  Colville operates a vertically integrated supply system from three facilities in the Prudhoe Bay area.  The 10-acre bulk storage facility contains the 3.9-million gallon tank farm, the truck loading revetment, and Tesoro Service Station.  Our supply system brings together the essential elements of transportation and storage equipment, which are managed through established procedures by a trained and competent staff.

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Alaska Toll Free: 888.659.3198 Postal Address: PO Box 340012 
Telephone: 907.659.3198   Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
 Fax: 907.659.3190    
    Physical Address: Airport Way
Email: info@colvilleinc.com   Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734