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Dalton Fleet


Colville Transport is the largest self-perform fuel transport company providing fuel distribution services directly from the refinery to its own tank farm in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.   The route takes our trucks along the Dalton Highway, the only road connecting the North Slope to Alaska’s road system.  Colville operates a dedicated fleet of 24 tractors and 30 tankers to move product from Fairbanks, Anchorage, and the Port of Valdez to the Colville tank farm at Prudhoe Bay. The fleet is the newest in the state, at less than three years old, and equipped with high speed unloading systems and self-sealing rollover protection.   The fleet logged 1.2 million miles in 2011 and ensured a 100% dependable source of ULSD and unleaded gasoline products for our North Slope customers.

As both a Tesoro jobber and an unbranded wholesaler, Colville sources ULSD from three in-state refineries, bulk fuel wholesalers and out of state suppliers. Colville’s primary ULSD source is the Tesoro Nikiski facility, and through Tesoro’s exchange agreement, the Flint Hills refinery in Fairbanks. Colville also buys a large amount of ULSD from the PetroStar refinery.  By using a blend of contract refinery supply and spot market wholesale purchases, Colville uses a broad-based supply system with highly competitive pricing.

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