Colville has provided arctic logistics services for over 60-years. Colville started in the 1950s, first as pioneer Bush pilot Bud Helmericks’ Arctic Tern Fish & Freight Co. Bud established a flourishing commercial fishing operation, became a renowned big-game guide (Alaskan Master Guide No. 4), and continued his adventures as one of the first Alaska Bush pilots. Becoming known for his Arctic knowledge and experience, Bud became a consultant for Eastman Kodak, Eddie Bauer and other companies working in cold regions.

He was an industrial guide for northern Alaska's early oil exploration, starting with guiding Northern Transportation Co.'s barges loaded with Sinclair drilling equipment and supplies from the Mackenzie River across the Arctic Ocean into the Colville River. He also was a consultant for British Petroleum during its early push into the Prudhoe Bay region.

Today, Colville Holding is the parent company of Colville, Colville Transport, and Brooks Range Supply. Together these entities provide essential supplies and services across the entire North Slope Arctic Region, including the supply and delivery of fuel, solid waste management services, industrial supplies, hardware, parts, tools, contract services, and general store supplies.

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