Waste Management

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Operating one of the largest public utility districts in the USA, Colville is your source for waste management on the North Slope.  We handle Municipal Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition, Metal, Oily Waste, and Recyclables. Colville provides solid waste services across the North Slope of Alaska. The Western Region includes Kuparuk, Alpine, NPR-A west to the Ikpikpuk River, and coastal waters up to 3 miles offshore of those regions. The Dalton Highway Region extends from Prudhoe Bay south to Atigun Pass, and includes the highway corridor, service roads, pump stations, and areas within 5 miles of each side of the roadway. A variety of bins and containers are available, including large roll-on/roll-off bins for Municipal Solid Waste and Construction Debris.  Bins can be ordered with lids to prevent animal access or wind-blown scatter.   Lined and unlined pallet boxes are available for recycling oily waste, kitchen grease, and paper products. Recyclables, with the exception of wood, are shipped to permitted facilities in Anchorage or outside of Alaska.

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